Life in the Living Room

from Matt Scutchfield

One day while practicing, the idea came to me to turn on a recorder, and right then "Life in the Living Room" was born. LLR is a series of recorded practice sessions that I'll be issuing as I please. They are available in either CD or cassette form. Each release is numbered, hand made, and completely unlike the rest. Who knows what you'll hear. You might get one of me playing with electronic noises and effects, your friend might have the one of me actually singing, and your mom might have the one of me freely improvising for the course of the medium. Go out and compare what you have!

ships out within 2 days

  $10 USD or more 



Matt Scutchfield Boston, Massachusetts

Matt Scutchfield is a multi-instrumentalist performing bluegrass, jazz, blues, folk, rock, pop, world, and improvisational musics. He's also a composer, and has composed several caprices & opuses and one symphony. Matt is available for solo or band shows and private teaching. ... more

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